Looking for a specific hood ornament?

You have completed the restoration of your pre-war vehicle and now only the correct hood ornament is missing? Or you are a passionate collector of automobilia and finally want to fill that certain gap in your collection? You don’t know where to look or your search has not been successful so far? Then it’s time for a search request!

Search Request

What hood ornament do I have?

It is estimated that several thousand hood ornaments were produced in the period up to 1940. In addition to the hood ornaments of the car manufacturers, there were also hood ornaments from the accessories stores, which can not be assigned to a specific car brand. If you want to know which automobile your hood ornament belongs to or – in case of a accessory item – you are interested about its  country specific origin, year of manufacture and by which artist it was created, do not wait – send in a quick photo!

Is my hood ornament authentic?

As early as the 1930s – the heyday of hood ornaments – there were companies that sold reproductions. To this day, hood ornaments are reproduced officially and unofficially, although the quality varies greatly. If you are wondering whether your figurine is a hood ornament at all, a contemporary original or a paperweight from Franklin Mint – start an inquiry!

Reproduction Hood Ornament
Hood Ornament valuation

What is my hood ornament worth?

The prices of hood ornaments can fluctuate greatly. However, using our internal price database (which contains price information over several years or even decades), it is possible to determine a minimum or maximum value for any hood ornament – just ask!